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Visit our site

July 27th, 2014

Visit our site

We invite you to visit our new website:

There you will find many images, as well as the 36 books we have written.

You can flip through each book online, and listen to audios of the book, too.

If you are on a deep personal journey, there is a lot to support you in your
inner creative travels.

Body Zero Healing Imprints

February 8th, 2013

Body Zero Healing Imprints

We want to thank everyone for the huge increase in visits to our images.
We have worked for over 26 years creating these healing imprints. These are light patterns that speak
to the feeling level and help support through insightual volume recognition. That is to say, insight is given
more room to enter into a relationship with you.

We have found that, just like the difference between talking to someone you like on the phone, and actually
being with them in person is a richer experience, so too it goes with the images you see here on our webpage.

Either way, thank you very much for taking the time to view our images.


December 9th, 2012


We are thankful to everyone for all the visits to our images of the Archangels. They are part of a current show of ours in Camden, Maine, through the month of December We feel honored and blessed to have these images appear to us and to have painted them.

What it Takes

September 17th, 2012

What it Takes

What it takes sometimes is more than you can imagine.
As artists and writers we are always amazed by the expansiveness
of creativity itself.

Creativity opens so many portals into realms and dimensions of the
creative spirit, that it easily fills a lifetime.

Hopefully, what we bring to our work is the spirit and joy that we
receive when we dive deep into the well of imagination and wonder.

We sent out an appeal for sponsorship this past week, not an easy
thing for an artist to do, only made easier by the desire to have the
work seen, enjoyed, and the gifts of its vision imparted to those who
come to see something new.

Thank you all for helping us continue our work. It is a lifetime's journey.

May your day always be creative for you.

There are all kinds of studios.

August 16th, 2012

There are all kinds of studios.

There are all kinds of studios, all shapes and sizes, some are costly some are inexpensive,
but one that anyone can have access to is outdoors, or cafes, or libraries. There are many places
where you can muse, and musing is one of the larger parts of creating art.

Yesterday we were at the lake, with our chairs, our picnic, and our books. We read to each other and mused throughout the day. It was a way to stay cooled off and a way to keep working at the same time.

Today we're at the library, because it is raining like crazy outside. Perfect, another great day to muse. All of these days add up to being able to come to the work and be ready to jump right in. Jumping right in is what creating does, it drops you into the middle of the world of musing and from there you swim.

As we enter more posts to our blog here, there will be images that are not in our gallery. Just email us if you are interested in an image from the blog and we can be sure to make it available.

Hope you are finding your muse today.

Long Day At the Studio

July 26th, 2012

Long Day At the Studio

It has been a long day at the studio. We've been printing images and working on programs.
We have two shows to get ready for in a week.
Hope your days are creative for you.

Two new shows to get ready for

July 18th, 2012

Two new shows to get ready for

We're working at the studio getting ready for two shows, a solo show called, "Knowing Butterflies is Not Enough", which is for August at the Belfast Co-op Cafe Gallery, in Belfast, Maine.
The other show is a group show at the Badger Cafe in Union Maine, presented by the Organic Image group.

As it is another hot day, it may also be a day for kayaking on the river that runs next to us.

Hope you are having a creative day.